What judges say about Kroodi

“Very distinctive and unique product leveraging a relevant consumer trend of plant based products and incorporating it in a daily use category like cheese while ‘premiumizing’ it appropriately for better margin accretive business model.”

“A unique product for Singapore appealing to the growing segment of consumers looking for raw, wholefood and plant based alternatives.
A healthy, plant based cheese alternative with an all natural ingredient list.”

“The unprocessed nature of Kroodi and natural ingredients makes Kroodi an appealing alternative to cheese. The simple yet contemporary packaging works well with the product concept.”

“In a world where an online generation are more aware about the food they are eating and the impact it has on their nutrition, the environment and the planet than ever before… products like this are deservingly being thrown into the spotlight. KROODI ‘cheese’ fits into a vegan diet, is sustainably wrapped in decent packaging that reflects the artisanal craft of cheesemaking and uses well sourced ingredients. Smart!”

“It is food friendly for all major diet restrictions due to beliefs or religious reasons. It has popular consumer interest in terms of cashew being one of the most popular choice of nuts for taste preference. The environment friendly packaging is plus over the other competing products in this category as we continue to grow with increasing awareness about waste recycle and management
contributing to environmental issues from food products.”

“Kroodi displays product difference clearly on pack, whilst using sustainable materials that fits with its core audiences values.”

“The idea of plant-based cheese and raw food philosophy is appealing!”

“The free-from industry is so often filled with bland, ‘safe’ options. Kroodi, to me, seem like an adventurous brand leading an amazing
business that is as conscious of the world around them as they are about their consumers.”